Kitchen SixtyThree is owned and operated by Robert and Lisa Garcia. A mother and son family operation that focuses on quality over quantity that brings the best bite possible on all of our goods. Our focus is to elevate the common comfort desserts along with creating new and exciting flavors in both the savory and sweet sides of your culinary palette

Robert is a graduate of world renowned Le Cordon Bleu. Le Cordon Bleu is the worlds largest hospitality and culinary institutions with campuses all over the world. Mario Batali, Mary Berry, Julia Child, Giada De Laurentiis, and Ming Tsai are just a few celebrity chefs to attend Le Cordon Bleu.

Robert was born and raised in Key West. When he graduated high School, he attended Florida International University over the next few years. Once taking a few hospitality classes, he decided to finally attend culinary schkool (if he listened to his mother, he could have enrolled right out of high school and not wasted years working jobs that he hated and could have been cooking and baking professionally….oooops!). After graduation, he worked for a custom cakes shop, a catering company, Loews hotel, and Seasons 52 just to name a few.

Lisa was also born in Key West and spent most of her childhood between Key West, FL and Ponce, Puerto Rico. She has been cooking and baking since she was young. She is known for her Amaretto cake (her son’s favorite), Carne Con Papa (also her son’s favorite), Fruit Tarts, and her amazing decadent decorated sugar cookies along with basically anything else she makes.

After moving back to the Key West in 2015, Robert and Lisa started Kitchen SixtyThree because they were receiving daily and weekly orders for their pastries, especially their Key Lime Tarts (yes, tarts and not pies).

On September 10th, 2017 Hurricane Irma changed everything. The category 4 storm hit the Florida Keys and destroyed everything in its path. “Ground Zero” was Cudjoe Key (4 miles away from the base of Kitchen SixtyThree). Both Robert and Lisa were forced to leave their 9-5 and their home due to the storm and relocate. They lost their business which was especially tough because it was a 24/7/365 passion (not a job) and the loss of financial investment was a huge hit.

Due to the hurricane, Robert and Lisa have been nomads living between Orlando, Kissimmee, and Okeechobee, Florida for months. Now settled in Lakeland, we are now providing our product to the Downtown Lakeland Farmers Market and also taking orders for our products (custom orders included) for free pick-up at the market and free delivery to the Lakeland area.


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