Kitchen SixtyThree is a family owned and operated p√Ętisserie that also provides a variety of other sweet and savory items.

Originating in Key West, we are now located in Central Florida (Lakeland) and we are setting up at the Downtown Lakeland Farmers Markets which runs every Saturday between 8am and 2pm (June and July hours until 1pm)

For commercial/wholesale ordering information, please send us a message via our Contact page or an email at

For personal ordering, we usually require a 10 day notice for small orders and atleast 2 weeks for larger orders. Orders can be picked up on Saturday’s between 8am and 2pm (June and July by 1pm) at the Downtown Lakeland Farmers Market (we are usually set up in front of Crispers). We will deliver orders over $100 (prior to delivery charges) on Mondays or Wednesdays. Due to our scheduling, please contact us if your product is required prior to this timeframe and we can see if we can accommodate. For all orders or information, please email